Alloy Side-Eject Spoon - .750MT x 5.75L x .750OD

Item #: R104-9875

Replaces (OEM Manufacturer: Product Number)
Toro: 104-9875
Toro: 108-9260
Product Information
Alloy Side-Eject Spoon - .750MT x 5.75L x .750OD
Manufactured in our own facility from heavy duty alloy steel and heat treated to RC45-48 for durability and wear, these spoons are formed with an open slot in the side for easy core ejection and to avoid plugging.
  • Length5.750" (146mm)
  • Mounting Diameter.750" (19mm)
  • Tip Inside (Core) Diameter.550" (14mm)
  • Tip Outside (Hole) Diameter.850" (21.5mm)
  • Wall Thickness.150" (3.8mm)
  • R&R Product IDR104-9875
  • BrandR&R Products
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